Week 10 / Presentations

This class was the class we did all of our presentations in. To prepare for our presentation my group discussed on messenger what we would each say and decided who would speak first, second ect. The whole group was at this “meeting” on messenger which was good because we haven’t had a full group meeting in a while. We were also on google slides editing our speech’s, I realised my paragraph had been altered by someone in the group so that confused me as to what I was going to say at the presentation but it was soon fixed and we were all clarified as to what we were going to say.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 19.55.52

Before class began I logged onto second life 15mins early to set up our presentation by creating a board and pasting all the images we were going to use into my inventory. I had the responsibility of changing each slide as we talked about different topics, each topic had a different picture. We decided to use downstairs in the DIT campus because it was a lot more spacious and we liked how it looked when John had brought us down previously to show us how to create building blocks and import our images.

These were the 4 images we decided to use for our presentation as they represent each topic we would discuss.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 20.39.49

We were one of the last groups to present. The presentation started off with Asessi explaining to everyone what our presentation would be about, she listed our topics and sent everyone a link to watch a video we had found early in the week that represented what we were trying to portray.  It was an animation youtube video by The Guardian that was 2mins 52seconds long. It was beautifully illustrated and really grasped your attention.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 21.07.00

After the video I began to speak about online banking, what it’s like now, how far we have come with technology and what it will be like in the future. I described some pros to technology advancing and banking becoming completely online, while Eva described the cons to online banking. Next up was Jenny who spoke about travel agencies and their future with online bookings becoming very popular. After Jenny was Princess who spoke about the post office and what it would be like in a few years time. Eva did the cons to everyones topics. Zoe was last and she concluded all of topics and summarised. Overall I think our presentation went very smoothly, I came out feeling confident after it. Ot may have been a rocky path to getting to the final presentation as people were missing from our group meetings but we got there in the end and it all worked out. I liked how we used the boards as like a projector for a class project IRL It made it feel much more like a real presentation. I felt a lot more at ease when delivering my part than I would of if I had to of done that in front of a whole class room full with people IRL.

I ended up enjoying the presentation as it made be have better communicating skills with group projects and I learned the value of splitting the workload over multiple people is a lot easier than you having to do everything alone. Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 21.09.47



Week 9

In todays class John had made us go downstairs to show us how to paste images into second life for our presentations. He had also said it was to get our virtual legs working and make us more active which I thought was funny. John went on to explain how to paste them on to the building blocks in the class room. We had a problem with pasting images onto Johns building blocks as every time we dragged images out of our inbox there would be a padlock blocking us from dropping the images. Eventually someone made their own block and it worked. John had suggested that any group who was thinking of uploading images into Second Life should tell him now so he could send us virtual money so we could pay for the slides as they cost money. I received some money off John as I was almost certain my group wanted to upload photos but we hadn’t discussed fully what way we were going to present.

My group met after class today to discuss how and what format we were going to present with. We discussed what we needed to have done for next week like the images to chose from and I made a google doc and shared it with the group so that we could all post in what we were planning to say for each of our slides so we all know where we are at with the presentation. We also set each other roles to do for the presentation, my role is to discuss banking and how it was in the past and what it will be like in the future and also the pros and cons to what we think banking will be like in the future. We originally had a lot of text on our slides but decided images would be the better route to go down. Only one group member didn’t show up today so that has worried me as the presentation is next week and they haven’t been to the last meeting either so I hope they can catch up. We have planned to meet on Tuesday to go through our presentation and do a quick run through.

On Tuesday my group met up in SL and tried to figure out how to post images onto boards in the class room. John had given me the money for the group so the pressure was on me to figure it out.  I managed to upload a tester photo to second life which cost 10 L. After creating multiple blocks I couldn’t figure out how to stretch them to look like a flat board, after multiple attempts I finally got it with the help of my group. I pasted the image in and it look well. We all decided to find at least 1 image that corresponds with what we wanted to say for our presentation. Everyone sent me their photos in our group chat and I plan to upload them to SL sometime before class on Thursday. Assesi showed us a video she thought would be good for the start of our project, I really enjoyed the video and I think it would fit in really well with our presentation.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 20.14.12.png

Week 8


This week  we talked about the slides John shared for this week that discussed the idea of the Consumer also being the producer.  They would then be called prosumers. People have a lot of freedom on today technology, before the likes of wikipedia to find any information you would have to go to a library or use an encyclopaedia but now everything is online. The “consumer” is now the “producer” meaning anyone can add information to the likes of wikipedia and have thousands view it, it doesn’t mean it has to be accurate or true. We talked about how we get information in todays society, we get it from TV, radio, twitter and newspapers. We used to only be able to get information through encyclopaedias. Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source. Encyclopaedias will always be a reliable sources of information because they are printed and written by professionals.

This week my group was meant to meet after class to discuss our project further but unfortunately Assesi couldn’t make it so we then decided to meet on Monday when everyone was available. When Monday came around I had completely forgotten we had arranged to meet but soon remembered when I saw the text off Jenny asking about the meeting. By the time I had logged onto SL,  Assesi had said she wouldn’t be able to log onto SL as her laptop had unfortunately broken. We then decided to just have the meeting through Facebook messenger.

We discussed all of our suggestions for professions. I liked two of Jennys suggestions and 1 of Assesis. We were trying to come up with careers and professions that will change drastically in the future. One of Jenny’s suggestions was to talk about Banks. She said eventually there will be no physical money and everything will be purchased virtually/electronically. We all agreed that online banking had become so popular that hardly any of us needs to visit the bank anymore, I personally probably wouldn’t visit a bank more than twice a year. A lot of people don’t carry cash anymore (myself included).

Jenny’s second suggestion was the postal service.The advances in technology has cut out the need to use the postal service as more and more messages can be sent through email and other forms of messaging sites even official documents can go through email, there is no need to send messages by post anymore its only really for the personal touch would you send a letter. It is also more reliable as letters can sometimes be lost in the post. She suggested paying your bills online is a lot easier and it would be cheaper for you because theres no need to buy stamps or envelopes which is also benefiting the environment by using less and less paper.

Assesi’s suggestion was Travel agencies. She talked about how people can book their holidays online now rather than having to go into a travel agencies. As we all know you can see reviews of hotels online now and decide where you would like to stay based off of photos people have uploaded ect. It is also a lot easier to find cheaper deals online, most travel agencies charge a fee of some kind for there service, you can now become your own travel agent with the help of Airbnb, booking.com Viagogo and many other travel sites. A lot of travel agencies have their own websites too that you can book through them.

We then discussed the pros and cons to each profession. We also identified what exactly we would like to talk about and touched on how we might present it in SL.

Week 7


This class John gave some general feedback on how our blogs were looking.He went through the assessment criteria with us and suggested we had a look at it’s break down as we shouldn’t be spending time on things that wont contribute to our overall grades. We then discussed privacy in detail, John discussed how things you had forgotten about online can suddenly resurface at any time as nothing is ever really deleted online. We discussed how sometimes before posting photos online we would get permission from friends and family ect. that the photo or text might be about.

For this week we were asked to write an update on the progress our group is making with the group project and any difficulties we have run into like not being able to meet up ect. My group hasn’t met up since week 4. My group was meant to stay back after class this week but unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the class as the day was changed and it didn’t suit me. Assesi had asked for our emails so that she could set up a google slides document, later that night. There was a slide for us to put down our two suggestions of jobs that have or will change drastically in the future. It is good that we have our google slides document set up now so once we decide in the direction we want to go in, it will be easy to work our work together.

It has been hard to meet up every week and find a day that suits everyone. We have a lot on with different modules and some people have work ect. Once we decide what roles everyone will play in the presentation it will reduce our stress and hopefully we will get a lot more done for the next time we meet. I feel like as a team we are all working at the same pace and it will eventually fall into place for us.

Week 6



In todays class we talked about digital identities and how we portray ourselves online on our social medias. Naturally we strive to show only the really good sides of our lives online. Most people in the class agreed that they only put the good up and try to refrain from showing the bad. We all have a digital footprint and we do have to be careful about what we share, upload and tweet as nothing is ever really deleted for good. I personally love following fashion bloggers and celebrities online to get inspiration off of them and also because I feel that it gives you an insight into what it must be like to be them but I know myself nothing is ever as perfect as what people portray online. I know some people also hate to follow these accounts because it’s false advertising, everything seems fake or for example the blogger is doing a collaboration with a clothing brand and you’ve now essentially looked at an ad without realising.

We also talked about having two identities online, take this group project for example I’m lucky I know most of my group face to face but there is one group member that I only know through her Second Life avatar and her Facebook profile, the chances are we wouldn’t recognise each other in real life. So in some ways you can be anonymous online. We also have different personalities online and in RL. We could come across as a very happy and confident person through our posts and pictures online but in reality we could be very stressed and an introvert.

My group didn’t get to meet this week as we were all busy,  but I did come up with three professions I am going to share with the group. 1. Banks – Soon all banking will be done through online banking, money will become completely virtual and there will be a new online currency. 2. Magazine and Newspaper Editorial – These will be no longer printed as books, you will read everything online, all editorial will be for digital not spreads. 3. Clothing stores – Soon everything will be purchased online, shops will still be there so you can try on the clothes but they will essentially be “showrooms” you will have to purchase the clothes online.

Week 5



This week John had posted onto our Facebook page asking is everyone would be available to attend class on Wednesday instead of Thursday as he was going abroad, Unfortunately for me Wednesday didn’t suit as I have training every Wednesday from 5:30pm – 8:30pm and I wouldn’t arrive home until after 9pm. I was however given a summary of the class. From what I gathered from my group was that our original idea for our project didn’t really suit the brief enough to make a whole presentation on it.

We didn’t get to meet as a group in Second Life this week as we were all pretty busy with other briefs and completely forgot. Anna did message our facebook group chat to discuss the project later on in the week and suggested we come up with a few different professions that may not be around in the future. We came to the conclusion that travel bloggers may not be the way to go with this project. She suggested that we either pick a profession that we would like to do in the future and analyse its developments and changes over the past few years OR we think of a few professions that used to be important but aren’t as needed in todays society. Our next meeting will be in two weeks as no one is available till then.

Week 4


This week John started off the class by asking about how our groups were getting on and if any of us had met up yet on SL, my group had not and quiet a few other hadn’t either. We then got into the elevator pitches, a few people were asked to deliver their pitches me being one of them. I had prepared something but was very unsure if it was correct or not so I got nervous and panicked and asked to present the next time. A lot of people were confused as to if they had done it correct too so a few people asked to speak another time. I feel that the “brief”  for the elevator pitch was too open and it had confused a lot of people we could basically pitch whatever we liked but that made it even hard to decided what to talk about.  A few people pitched why they were wearing the outfits they had on under Johns suggestion just to get people talking in second life. We then discussed the group brief  which I didn’t understand fully straight away but I did understand that how the group dynamic works is more important than the actual presentation.

On Monday evening our group met on Second Life in the DIT room, we all sat upstairs and started discussing the brief, we were trying to break down the brief so it was easier to understand. We all started to throw around ideas and we read back on the group chat as Eva pitched an idea earlier that week that we only saw now. Unfortunately due to group chat mix ups Eva missed that meeting but she still managed to contribute to the meeting as we all decided to go with Evas idea. The idea was doing our presentation on Travel Bloggers. We all decided to do some more research on travel bloggers and discuss what we found sometime next week at our next meeting.

Week 3


Group Project

In class today John started off by discussing elevator pitches, to prepare for this class we had to read a Harvard business review on elevator pitches. An elevator pitch is a 30 second pitch describing yourself to a potential employer. It is called an elevator pitch after Hollywood actors and screenwriters only getting the length of an elevator ride to pitch themselves to a producer. John asked us to prepare our own elevator pitches for the next coming week about anything we’d like, we can choose our own topic.

This week we were put into groups that were randomly selected by John. My group is the Mauve group it consists of Eva Martin, Princess Oconnor, Jennifer Carey, Anna Skowron and Zoe O’Byrne. A few of the people in my group are also in my course. The goal for this team work project is to work together in Second Life. This is so that we got used to the fact that when there’s meetings or tasks given after each class, we cooperate in them through Second Life. We also have the option to meet in Real life too.


The group wasn’t able to meet up after Class 3, As we were all finalising different college projects unfortunately we were all too busy. We were in contact about meeting and will be meeting early next week to talk about and discuss the team work project and what to do. Two group chats were also set up by Anna and Jennifer. Anna was the first to set one up but unfortunately a few of us didn’t receive the message because it went straight into our message request folder and we were never alerted, Jennifer then set up another group chat which I did see but again a few people didn’t receive that message either so we ended up sorting out our group chat by deciding to use the first one.

Week 2


This week we were asked to engage with two or three residents of Second Life. We had to introduce ourselves and try to engage them in conversation. I decided it would probably be best to visit a well populated destination. Once arriving at my destination I was greeted immediately by two or three people, all greeting me with “Hi” or “Hey”, then followed with “how are you?”, they all seemed very friendly at the start. Others greeted me inappropriately but I just ignored those. I had been chatting with one person for about 5 minutes when I received another message from a girl telling me my “boyfriend” was flirting with her, I think its hilarious how people just assume on this website how ever I did play along with her because I found it very funny.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 21.42.32.png

Someone else asked me to dance which I thought was pretty innocent until I got onto the dance floor.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 21.30.24.png

Others messaged me about how I was liking second life so far and they were interested in seeing how I was getting on. I did ask for help about how to use certain features on the game and  a few people happily helped me out.

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